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Hello, world!

We are launching All Hands on Tech, a new tech blog for technologists who want to build better.

Author: Jeremy Morgan

Welcome to All Hands on Tech. This is a blog for technologists who want to build better. We have an amazing lineup of contributors who are among the top experts in their field. All Hands on Tech is all about technology. Whether you’re a developer, administrator, cloud practitioner or AI/ML engineer, we have something here for you.

Our mission

We find the difficult problems technologists have and solve them. We all know how tough it can be to be stuck on something, and we’re here to help. We’ll also share our best tips and tricks to make building exciting tech products easier. We’ll share knowledge that can help you “sharpen your axe” and become better at what you do.

Here is how our site is laid out:

  • Data Professional - For those who work with databases and other data-related practices
  • IT/OPS - For administrators and other practitioners building infrastructure
  • AI / Machine Learning - For those working in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning spaces
  • Programming - For software developers of any type, frontend, backend and everything in between
  • Security - For the folks keeping us safe and secure
  • Cloud - For practitioners working in the cloud, covering Azure, AWS and GCP

We have a fantastic lineup of authors who have contributed to our launch:

So take a look around, and bookmark this site for the future. We have lots of great things planned and will be adding content regularly.

Let us know what you think! Reach out to Pluralsight on Twitter or shoot me a message. We’d love to hear what you think!

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About the author

Jeremy Morgan is a tech blogger, speaker and author. He has been a developer for nearly two decades and has worked with a variety of companies from the Fortune 100 to shoestring startups.

Jeremy loves to teach and learn, writing here on and on his Tech Blog as well as building Pluralsight Courses.

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