Cloud Tracker on AWS: The latest AWS updates (September 2021)

Cloud Tracker on AWS: The latest AWS updates

This month saw updates to core networking, CloudFormation, storage, databases, and so much more. Let’s get you up to speed!

Author: David Tucker

This month saw updates to core networking, CloudFormation, storage, databases, and so much more. Let’s get you up to speed!

For full notes of all the resources, announcements and tools mentioned in this video, follow the links below:

AWS Elasticsearch Service is now the AWS OpenSearch with multiple new features -

OpenSearch Dashboards Notebooks -

OpenSearch Data Streams -

OpenSearch Index Transforms -

Announcing Amazon MemoryDB for Redis -

Introducing Dynamic Partitioning in Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose -

AWS CloudFormation introduces the option to troubleshoot provisioning errors before rollback, accelerating deployments -

CDK Support for Disabling Rollback and Hotswap -

Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points accelerate access to replicated data sets by up to 60% -

Amazon EKS Anywhere is now GA -

Amazon VPC Announces New Routing Enhancements to Make It Easy to Deploy Virtual Appliances Between Subnets In a VPC -


New Local Zones in Chicago, Kansas City, and Minneapolis -

Amazon Corretto 17 is now generally available -

AWS Amplify announces command hooks to execute custom scripts when running Amplify CLI commands -

Amazon EKS Connector is now in public preview -

Announcing Amazon Redshift RSQL, a command line client for interacting with Amazon Redshift clusters and databases -

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights adds account application auto-discovery and new health dashboard -

AWS announces General Availability of Amazon Managed Grafana with SAML 2.0 and Grafana v8.0 features -

Amazon SageMaker now supports inference endpoint testing from SageMaker Studio -

Amazon Transcribe now supports redaction of personal identifiable information (PII) for streaming transcriptions -

Amazon SES now supports emails with a message size of up to 40MB -

Cross-account event discovery for Amazon EventBridge schema registry -

Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering further automates storage cost savings by removing the minimum storage duration and monitoring and automation charge for small objects -

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