Ryan H. Lewis

Ryan Lewis is a Cloud Developer and Instructor. In his professional career, he architected and developed cloud applications, and led teams at Expedia, T-Mobile, and Kuali. He also teaches online with Pluralsight and O'Reilly, and in person at Seattle Central College and the University of Washington. Ryan taught himself how to code over 20 years ago by building websites to promote his bands and record label. After traveling around the world playing music, he settled down in the Pacific Northwest and began building single page apps for T-Mobile and Expedia. He grew his expertise in software development and expanded into the cloud with AWS. He currently holds the AWS Certified Architect and AWS Certified Developer Associate certifications. In his free time, Ryan develops card games, runs MeatCubeLabel, a record label that releases Japanese underground music, and hosts Table Tennis Talk, a ping pong podcast.

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